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Is stress making you eat more?

8/24 9:53:49
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If you find that you tend to eat more foods during difficult periods or demanding events that cause your stress levels to increase, then it is important for you to be aware of these times, so that you can prevent yourself from gaining weight.

Get more active

If you do somehow indulge when experiencing stress, then try to counteract the effect by also engaging in more physical activity. Go for a walk, work out for longer at the gym or do more chores around the house that will help you to burn the extra calories.

Take a time out

If something or someone is stressing you at the office, then perhaps take a few days leave to relax and pamper yourself instead of turning to food for a quick source of comfort.

Keep healthy foods on hand

It is also important to keep healthy food and snack options on hand so that, if you do turn to food, you will consume only healthy and nutritious options.

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