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How much do YOU need to eat? 5 Steps to effective weight loss

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While this is a fantastic idea, I think we can all think of examples where it is simply not true.

Medications, stress, toxicity, hormone problems, lack of sleep and various other factors all contribute to the equation quite significantly.

So it seems that maybe we should write off the calories in vs. calories out thing, right?

WRONG! It's still vitally important that you eat the correct amount of the correct foods if you want to lose weight. Why? Because you can get all the other things right, but if you're eating too much you'll stay overweight.

Here's a five-step formula to get a good starting point for your weight loss plan.

1. How many calories?

To find out the total number of calories you should eat per day, take your current weight and multiply it by 32, then subtract 600. For example, if you currently weigh 65kg it would look like this:

65 x 32 = 2080 - 600 = 1480cal per day.

Remember that as you lose weight you might want to redo this calculation as your calories should change with your changed weight. I suggest a re-evaluation with every 5kg lost.

Click page 2 below to find out how much protein, fats, carbs and water you should be consuming…

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