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Cravings: You wont believe what your body is trying to tell you!

8/24 9:52:51
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We shouldn’t WANT chocolate or potato chips or sweets when we're trying so hard to 'be good' and lose some weight. Or, SHOULD WE?

Your body knows exactly what it needs to function optimally, and cravings are its way of telling you that there’s a deficiency somewhere – this is usually a mineral deficiency. However, your body can’t send a photo via WhatsApp to tell you what to look for at the grocery store.

So it sends a message to your brain to ‘bring on the cravings’ associated with certain minerals. This is why we often crave foods that are 'bad' for us - because these are often the foods our brains associate with particular minerals because of the strong response we have to these foods.

So now that you know you shouldn't ignore your cravings, all you need to know is how to understand what your body actually NEEDS when you crave certain foods.

Five common cravings:

So here are five common cravings (sugar, carbs, fried fatty food, salty food and chocolate) and their interpretations so you can listen to your body’s cravings and nourish it with exactly what it needs.

Always remember that ALL minerals and nutrients come from the EARTH. [Tweet this] So eating a diverse diet of plant-based foods will solve all these problems and you shouldn't struggle with cravings again.

1. Craving sugary foods

If you crave sugary foods a lot then your body is probably deficient of one of the following minerals:

  • carbon
  • chromium
  • phosphorus
  • sulphur
  • tryptophan

Instead of trying to figure out exactly which of these you need, a good catch-all solution is to eat a snack of mixed nuts, a bit of cheese and some fruit. These three items cover all of these minerals pretty well and should take away the craving.

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