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Watch: Jack Parow talks about his 25kg weight loss

8/24 9:52:43
Left: Jack Parow performs in January, 2014. Right, Jack Parow at the launch of his biography "Die Ou Met die Snor by die Bar" in October 2015.

Jack Parow has gone from podgy to pretty fit in just four months! The Afrikaans rapper and peaked-cap aficionado chatted to News24’s Jennifer Sanasie about how he managed to lose the weight, and how he maintains his epic Movember moustache.

According to Parow, getting into a fitness regime was the hardest part. “I told myself, just do it for six months. But getting involved in a charity boxing event helped. I had to train, otherwise the guy would punch my face in.”

Parow admits he’s “not good at gym”, but tries to make exercise fun. “I play sports and surf and box. I try to do exercises that take your mind off exercise.”

Watch the video interview below:

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