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Prevent piling on the calories at this time of year

8/24 9:52:33
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It is very easy to take in hundreds more calories (that you usually do!) now that the festive season is just around the bend and most companies are treating their staff to end-of-year parties and/ or meals.

If you will be dining at a fancy restaurant with work colleagues, it may not always be as easy to order meals that are supportive of your weight loss endeavours, as most menus tend to be pre-set with a small choice of starters, main courses as well as desserts from which to choose.

Although it is good to treat yourself every now and again, try to keep most of your meal healthy. For example, try ordering a salad for starters (limit or avoid the dressing!) and grilled vegetables with your main course. Opt for a lean cut of meat instead of fatty cuts or processed meats. Be mindful as to how much sauce you may add to your meals as this can add on calories as well. It is sometimes difficult to find a low calorie dessert when meals are pre-set so perhaps consider this part of your meal as your treat!

Similarly, before you place an order, take a look at your entire meal course and consider which part you would like to cut down on. For example, you may decide to skip dessert altogether but enjoy a hearty main course with all the trimmings. As long as you are mindful of what you are about to eat, your weight loss efforts would not be thrown completely to the wind.

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