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Crazy celeb diet tricks: The Cigarette Diet

8/24 9:52:24
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The Cigarette Diet

Reading that title has probably already got you thinking 'No way! Smoking is so bad for you! It causes cancer. People DIE from smoking. How can it be a diet?'

You have to remember that there was a time before we know what we know now. And even today, there are fashion industry rumours amongst models who swear by a diet of coffee, vodka and cigarettes.

However, the Cigarette Diet was fashionable in a time when smokers were allowed to light up at the restaurant table next to yours, and you couldn't utter a single word of complaint. Parents would smoke in their cars with their young children. Your colleagues could smoke INSIDE the office.

When you're coming from this point of view, doesn't it make sense that some clever marketing exec decided to market cigarettes as a diet aid? They do dull your appetite after all.

One of the famous slogans used was 'Light a Lucky and you'll never miss sweets that make you fat'. That was in 1929, less than 100 years back. My, how far we've come.

Thankfully we now know that any appetite-suppressing qualities of cigarettes are far outweighed by the huge risk of cancer and other health dangers that come with smoking.

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