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No-stress wedding slim-down strategy

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by Samantha Clayton, Director of Worldwide Fitness Education at Herbalife.

Wedding slim-down strategy

Wedding season is here! Whether you’re a guest or the bride, I’m pretty sure you feel pressured to look great on the big day, so follow my six tips to ease any stress you’re feeling to look beautiful at your next big event.

I get so excited to meet people who have a big event, like a wedding on their calendar! I like to work with them because they have a goal and a date to keep them motivated. Having a firm date is important, as goals without deadlines can sometimes feel like dreams. Finding the motivation and inspiration to start a new fitness plan can be a difficult task. This summer wedding season is the perfect excuse to start a wedding workout plan!

How motivated are you?

In my years as a personal trainer, I’ve met two types of event-motivated individuals: positively motivated and frantic. The positively motivated people are the type where an upcoming event gives them the gentle push they need to start and stay committed to a fitness and nutrition plan. Frantic (or panicked) people operate differently: they’re desperate for an overnight body miracle. Frantic people have a lot of motivation, but they’re incredibly stressed and often set unrealistic targets.

You may be relieved to know that most people tend to fall into the panicked group. If this sounds like you, don’t worry, you’re not alone! It’s understandable that you may feel under pressure to get in shape for the big day. Let’s face it - who doesn’t want to look and feel their best when all eyes are going to be on them?

Wedding slim-down plan: A stress-free and effective approach

Knowing you can’t work overnight miracles to solve a specific body area issue makes it easier to stay calm and work towards a body-positive goal of getting into better shape. You must also understand that spot-reducing fat is not a physical possibility. Let me share my tips to help you reduce stress, feel fit and radiate beauty on your big day.

Wedding slimdown tip #1: Be consistent

The best fitness results come from being consistent. If you go too hard for a few days, then have to stop while your body recovers, it will take longer for your body to adapt.

Commit to exercising for 30-60 minutes on four to five days of the week, and train at an intensity level that leaves you feeling good and ready to commit to your workout the next day.

Pushing yourself too hard so that you can barely walk the next day is just going to slow down your overall progress. And, remember even pro athletes have recovery days; you need to give your body time between tough workouts.

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