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Cut down on sweetened beverages

8/24 9:51:21
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Beverages such as cooldrinks as well as artificial fruit juices can be loaded with hundreds of calories per serving, so consuming these drinks can very easily help your waistline to grow. The more you drink daily, the more calories you will add to your daily calorie count.

Consider cutting down on sweetened beverages and have some water instead. If the weather is hot, iced water can be very refreshing and energising so be sure to carry a water bottle around with you when out and don’t worry about piling on the calories.

You could also swop a cooldrink for a glass of red wine that is high in antioxidants. Dietician, Amanda van Huysteen who is based at Life Wilgeheuwel Hospital in Johannesburg says that these antioxidants protect our bodies against disease and ageing, whilst fizzy drinks do not offer any useful minerals or nutrients to our bodies.

Note that alcohol should be consumed in moderation.

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