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Ways to burn 500 kilojoules

8/24 9:51:07
burn 500 kilojoules

Getting active doesn't have to be a painful experience, it can actually be quite fun! Try these ways to burn 500 kilojoules (based on a 60kg woman) in less than an hour without having to create an intense gym routine.

Hit the dance floor

Turn up the music and shake your booty for 20 minutes to burn 500 kilojoules in a fun and easy way. Keep things as energetic as possible to get your heart pumping.

Get on your bike

No really, go cycling for 16 minutes and let kilojoule-burning lead the way. The fresh air will also do you good.

Let things go swimmingly

Hit the pull and get in some laps. Freestyle swimming for 18 minutes will torch 500 kilojoules and cool you down in the heat.

Walk the dog

43 Minutes of walking the dog will benefit both you and your furry friend. Bonding with your pet has also been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce stress.

Embrace your childhood favourites

Take things back to your childhood and burn 500 kilojoules by:

  • Throwing a frisbee with a friend for 43 minutes
  • Skipping for 13 minutes
  • Bouncing on a trampoline for 30 minutes

Go new age

Align mind, body and spirit by practising tai chi for 32 minutes or Pilates for 37 minutes. You’ll burn kilojoules and strengthen your core.

Box things out

Take out all your frustration on a punching bag for 22 minutes. Throw in jabs, bobs and weaves to enhance kilojoule-burn.

And there you have it, easy ways to burn 500 kilojoules.

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