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Stay disciplined to stay at a healthy weight

8/24 9:50:08
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Staying at a healthy weight and avoiding weight gain all comes down to discipline. The two main reasons on which you need to stay focused here is that of your workout and your diet.


Engage in a workout routine that suits your lifestyle and preference. This could include spending approximately 30 minutes at a gym daily, working out at home or a combination of both. Exercise could take various forms from running on a treadmill to dancing, so do what you enjoy!

Try not to let an exercise opportunity pass you by. Any task that requires you to be more active or on the move will help you to burn more calories so grab it the second it presents itself. Remember you can even burn calories by helping others such as carrying heavy boxes or objects, etc.


Ask a dietician to help you put a meal plan together if you need to. It should contain a balanced diet that includes loads of fruits of vegetables, high fibre foods, wholegrains, lean sources of protein, etc. Cut down on high calorie beverages and opt for water instead.

Remember to allow yourself treats and indulgences. If you feel like eating your favourite dessert then it is ok to do so. It is however important that you do not overindulge as portion size is key when it comes down to weight loss.

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