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Stay stress free and avoid being overweight

8/24 9:49:35
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Stress can play a significant role with regard to our weight and how much more we can gain. Think about it for a minute.

When you feel stressed - whether it’s due to work issues, family or social problems, what do you do? Do you reach out to food as a possible source of comfort?

Many people do, and high on the list of foods that are consumed are the high calorie ones that are usually high in either sugar or bad fats. Common foods in this category include chocolate, ice cream, cakes and other similar confectionery, potato chips, etc. Alternatively high calorie beverages have also proven to be a favourite during this time, ranging from hot chocolate to milkshakes and carbonated soft drinks.

Try avoiding these foods during stressful situations and, even better, try harder to alleviate your stressful times. Perhaps call a friend, or engage in some form of physical activity that gets you on the move – you will even burn some calories too, which is great for weight loss!

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