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Fashionable nutrition myths: Low-fat means it’s healthy

8/24 9:49:32

'Low-fat' means healthy?

There are loads of products on supermarket shelves labelled 'low-fat'.

For many years, dieters have been led to believe that these are healthier options than their 'high-fat' alternatives. The theory underpinning this belief is that FAT MAKES YOU FAT. This is true, but only because EVERYTHING can make you fat if you eat more of it than your body needs.

How does fat get removed?

The real problem with 'low-fat' foods is that fat has been taken out of these foods - usually in a chemical process (first alarm bell) and replaced with SOMETHING else to give back the taste and texture lost in the removal of the fat.

What does fat get replaced with?

What is this SOMETHING else? A lot of times it's sugar or some other artificial sweetener, and then various chemicals. Is this REALLY healthier than eating the food in its ORIGINAL form? Surely not.

Is this REALLY healthier than eating the food in its ORIGINAL form?

Added to this is the assumption that if there's a LOW-fat version of a food the original must be HIGH-fat. This is also not true. The amount of fat in all natural foods is exactly the right amount.

How much of that food you eat may make it a high-fat meal, but that's a self-control issue, not a problem with the food. Right?

If I were you I'd be avoiding anything with 'low-fat' on the label. All it means is that your food has been tampered with by people in a laboratory - and that makes it a science project, not food.

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