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Watch your weight by gardening

8/24 9:49:08
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Engaging in some form of gardening on a daily or regular basis can help you to burn hundreds of calories. Off course, this will depend on the time you spend on this activity and the intensity of the work undertaken.

Burn more calories

For example, spending a few (or more!) hours weekly on your garden will help you to burn more calories than by just working for 30 minutes per week. Similarly you will burn more calories by taking on more intense work as opposed to just doing a few of the simpler tasks.

Plant fruits and vegetables

In addition, planting fruits and vegetables are a great way to keep yourself motivated by eating healthy foods which are loaded with nutrients and are good for your body. Fruits and vegetables are an essential component of a balanced diet and make for excellent snacks to have between meals.

Eat healthily

You may thus be swayed into eating healthy foods whilst getting those calories burning – two brilliant ways to keep the weight down!

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