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Fashionable nutrition myths: You HAVE to exercise to lose weight

8/24 9:49:06
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“You have to exercise to lose weight”

We've all heard this one from someone, somewhere along the line. You can't lose weight in significant amounts through diet alone - you need to exercise too.

Note: I am NOT advocating for an exercise-less diet plan here, just straightening out some misinformation. I am a huge fan of exercise. I do it every day.

Well, let's tackle this from the most obvious angle. What happens to people who are starving? Like people with eating disorders (anorexia), and those who are very poor and can’t buy a lot of food. They get THIN right? REALLY thin.

The vast majority of them are NOT going to the gym three times a week or doing Crossfit or Pilates. They lose weight simply by NOT EATING much food.

They lose weight simply by NOT EATING much food

This is dieting in its most extreme form really. Moderate this and replace starvation with a slight calorie deficit and an intake of 90% healthy foods and you get a more gentle and healthy pattern of weight loss.

No exercise required.

Does exercise HELP you to lose weight?

Yes! How much? Some ... No one can really say - too many factors involved. Should you exercise anyway? Yes, your body expects it (unless you're a lumberjack or construction worker or some such thing).

You HAVE TO exercise to be HEALTHY.

You DO NOT have to exercise to lose weight.

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