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Cut down on sugar to cut down on calories

8/24 9:47:29
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Adding sugar to your meals and drinks?

Do you have a sweet tooth and prefer to indulge in very sweet desserts, snacks or even beverages? Ask yourself just how much sugar you add to your morning cup of tea or coffee, not forgetting your mid-morning and afternoon cups – and be honest with yourself!

Start to cut down on sugar

Try cutting down on the quantity of sugar that you add to your desserts, snacks and drinks to lower the number of calories that you are consuming. For example, you don’t really have to add icing to your cupcakes as they may be sweet enough already. Similarly, if you take two teaspoons of sugar in your tea, consider dropping to one or at least one-and-a-half.

Remember that it may take a while before you become accustomed and comfortable with the difference in tastes but aim to be consistent and stay focused and you will reap the benefits of a healthier and slimmer body in the long run!

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