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Tight, Toned Tummy Tips: Stop slouching!

8/24 9:47:16
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One of the things all Grade 1 teachers harp on about is sitting up straight in your chair, and standing up straight in line ...

I used to get reprimanded for slouching all the time. The thing is, slouching is EASIER than sitting or standing properly because slouching requires little use of musculature.

It is a way of allowing your top half to sort of ‘collapse’ and rest on its supports, as opposed to holding itself above its base. Sitting and standing with proper posture means you must utilise the abdominal muscles for their primary function - to support the spine in an upright position.

Why is this a tip for a tight, toned tummy?

Well, number one, if you can't stand or sit upright without feeling uncomfortable then you probably need to do some ab strengthening exercises which will give you a better looking tummy, but more importantly, when you slouch, your tummy sticks out.

Standing up straight sucks in your gut, making your clothes look like they fit you better and making you look like you're NOT pregnant. Good deal!

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