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Whats better than a weekly cheat day for weight loss?

8/24 9:46:54
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It is OK to allow yourself to indulge in your favourite comfort food or other high-calorie foods, provided that you do not go overboard. For many people, taking control of the amount of food you pile onto your plate, may be quite a difficult task – especially if it is your favourite! But is there another alternative to enjoying a weekly 'cheat day'?

Can a weekly cheat day get out of hand?

Lori Williams, a registered dietician at Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center says that a ‘food cheat day can get out of hand, as you could consume as much as 2 000 additional calories!’ Thus is the equivalent of 8 368 kilojoules. Apart from gaining the calories, you may also experience bloating, as well as guilt. She says that consuming little portions of between approximately 418 and 627 kilojoules on three days a week, may make you less likely to feel deprived.

Remember that portion control is key to losing weight, so if you do decide to indulge in some high calorie treats, keep the quantity small.

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