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Fashionable Nutrition Myths: Diets that sound Sciency work best

8/24 9:46:32
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If a diet sounds 'sciency' it must work ... Right?

Wrong! … There are a lot of diets out there ... A LOT! You could fill a library with diet books if you started collecting them indiscriminately. There are several problems with having so many diet-philosophies out there, but we are going to look at one of the most insidious ones here.

Many of these books are written by people who have a string of fancy letters next to their names and who cite SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH FINDINGS as the motivation for their diet being the one true path to thin-town.

That is, until they release their next book, Thin-Town 2.0 - The Last Book Was Good, But We Made it Slightly Better ... This Time It's The REAL Truth.

Now I don't have a problem with people writing books on how to lose weight

But what does get to me is that many of these authors ride on the coattails of faulty science (sometimes knowingly, sometimes not, I guess) in order to con you into making the purchase.

The crux of the matter here is that 'scientific research' is a pretty loose term nowadays.

Go into the street and count how many white cars you can see, then count the rest of the cars. You have now conducted 'scientific research' that shows that white cars make up x% of total cars.

I think you can see the problem here.

I think you can see the problem here

Too many diets are being pushed on the public with ‘proof’ of their efficiency based on certain results. However, this ‘proof’ was paid for by people with an agenda, and so the results can often be skewed.

What I want you to understand from all this is that a 'sciency' sounding diet only holds water if the science was real, and that's getting more and more difficult to discern. So take everything with a pinch of salt, and Google the source of everything before you believe it.

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