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Top habits of successful dieters: Who are you doing this for?

8/24 9:46:30
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One of the struggles many dieters - especially those who are generally nice people - face is that they slip up on their eating in order to please other people.

Example: It's Joan from reception's birthday and there's a giant spread of cakes and biscuits on offer in the tea room. You arrive to grab a black, sugar-free coffee and all-of-a-sudden Joan is there. You wish her a happy birthday and she offers you cake. What do you do? If you decline she may be hurt, and you don't want to ruin her birthday ... But having the cake will throw your whole day (and your self-confidence) out the window ...

It will hurt you more than it will hurt her

This is a typical situation in which you need to remember that you are not doing your diet to please other people, you're doing it for your own health and wellbeing.

There may be a small amount of upset involved for some people because you have to say no every now and then, but you HAVE TO make yourself OK with accepting this level of collateral damage. No-one will die from you not having a piece of cake on their birthday. It may even be a growing experience for them ...

YOU are the reason you are dieting, and you need to put yourself first in this endeavour. Be 'nice' in other ways, but when it comes to food you need to be a bit of a drill-sergeant with yourself and protect your own interests. It's the only way to succeed.

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