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Beware: These unintentional ADDICTIONS could be ruining your diet

8/24 9:46:29
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Are you an addict without knowing it? Here are five things that could be hurting your dieting efforts (number five is surprising) …

Addiction is an interesting idea, because a lot of people who think they are addiction free would be the first to say something like 'I couldn't live without my (insert thing/food/drug/activity here)'.

Addictions can be obvious - like a drug habit that takes over a life - or they can be subtle, like the following things. Either way, being a slave to anything is unhealthy, and in most cases will adversely affect your health and wellbeing.

1. Social media

Do you find yourself more keen to connect with 'people' in cyber-world more than in person? Do you constantly find yourself trying to come up with your next cool status update? When you miss someone do you call, or tag them in something? Do you worry about what impression you are creating with your profile pic?

Social media addiction is a real thing and our interpersonal relationships are suffering for it.

Not to mention that it's sucking time out of our lives which should be better spent doing virtually ANYTHING ELSE. Invest that time in some exercise, work, people or relaxation and tell me your life isn't better almost instantly.

Addictions that affect your diet goals (3)_small

We often forget that stress has a major impact on how our body stores food and even the choices we make about what to eat. Exercise and socialisation helps decrease stress levels, and increase our feel-good hormones in a healthy way.

Click page 2 to find out about other addictions that could be affecting your weightloss goals:

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