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Burn calories by going for walks daily

8/24 9:46:03
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Do you need to lose weight but you're struggling to get into an exercise routine? If you answer ‘yes’, then perhaps you should consider going for short walks daily.

Daily walks

Walking is a great way to get the calories burning. All you need is proper walking shoes, comfortable clothes and maybe some company if you do not enjoy walking alone or feel safer with company.

Challenge one another

Ask a family member, friend or neighbour to join you for a short walk daily – it can be a great time to catch up with each other and you may even make new friends with whom you share a common interest, along the way. You could also challenge one another and offer motivation when it comes to weight loss.

Join a walking club

If you find that you are enjoying walking as a form of regular exercise, you could consider joining a walking club or walking group in your area. This may even present you with opportunities to participate in competitions which is a wonderful opportunity to burn more calories and meet your weight-loss targets sooner.

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