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Sleep tight, get light - 6 Tips to help you sleep better & LOSE WEIGHT

8/24 9:44:58
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Good quality sleep is VERY important as to how effective your weight loss diet will be …

Did you know that what you eat directly affects your quality of sleep? And how much you sleep affects your weight loss efforts. This is a perfect combination, or a perfect storm – depending on how you handle it!

Here are five foods that are great for sleep AND weight loss, making them VERY important foods to consume regularly.

1.     Eat bananas (and eggs and nuts)

The commonly recommended sleep-aid food is milk because it is high in tryptophan which is good for sleep.

However, milk is not easily digested by the majority of people making it a poor choice overall.

Bananas, eggs and some nuts are also high in tryptophan and are much more readily digested in the body.  So for better sleep, and faster weight loss, stock up on these healthy snacks.

For a treat, try this delicious walnut banana bread with cinnamon glaze recipe:


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