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Change your environment if it tempts you to eat

8/24 9:44:24
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Is your environment tempting you?

Many people often find that the environment that they are in tempts them to consume some form of food or beverage and often perhaps even both! For example, are you able to go through a whole meeting at a coffee shop without ordering yourself a slice of cake or even a meal? Or are you able to engage in some form of work in the kitchen without finding yourself nibbling on some snack or food?

Change your environment

Consider changing your environment until you find that you are no longer so weak as to indulge in the unhealthy food that tempts you. You could do this by distracting yourself such as by calling a friend or playing with your pet. Alternatively, you could leave the room and go for a walk outdoors or even take a bubble bath.

You may even want to try engaging in some form of physical activity. Not only are the ‘feel-good’ hormones good for you but the calories that you burn will be great for weight loss too!

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