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Tasty & effective diet tips from around the world - Do THIS at home

8/24 9:39:54
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Our largely 'Americanized' culture of food and dining has led to a pretty major increase in obesity and ill-health …

There are, however, many countries around the world that do not suffer from the same problem, where the inhabitants enjoy their food without falling prey to sickness and disease associated with poor dietary choices.

Here are some tips from these countries that you can incorporate into your meals at home. They will help you to discover some tasty meals, lose more weight and live a healthier life:

1. Spice is nice - India

Indian dishes contain various spices such as curry, turmeric, cardamom, ginger and more.

These are not only far more flavourful than our standard fare, but they add nutritional value to your meal, and may encourage you to reach satiety sooner due to increased flavour and thus eat slightly less.

Learn to cook with spices and enjoy your food more.

Try this Shahi Chicken Korma recipe:

recipe_3465Click page 2 below to see some diet tips from Italy...

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