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14 Ways Trying to Lose Weight is Like Dating

8/22 9:37:09

You just started your weight-loss plan, and you feel pretty unprepared. But (whether it’s for better or for worse) your dating experience can actually tell you a whole heckuva lot about what you're getting into with your weight-loss journey. Check out these 14 hilarious, frustrating, and totally awesome ways trying to drop pounds is just like dating.

1. You Swear Them Off at Least Once a Week

2. You Obsess Over Both
You check your scale and phone constantly.


3. You Know It Will Be Worth It, But Sometimes the Journey Just Sucks
Keep pushing on, ladies!

4. They Require New Wardrobes
Workout clothes? Check. Date clothes? Check.

5. Both Involve a Lot of Trial and Error
Starting a new diet is a lot like going on a first date. Some take, others don't.

6. You Discover So Much About Yourself Along The Way
Like what you deserve and how to get it.

7. They Are a Means to An End
A serious relationship and a healthier life—you're going to get them both.

8. Plateaus Are Inevitable
What happened to the warm and fuzzies?

9. ...And So Is Regret
Whether it's a large pizza for one or going home with a "four," we've all made some late-night slip-ups.


10. Everyone Wants to Give You Advice
And the last thing you want is to hear it.

11. Everything Reminds You Of Them
Seriously, you can't turn on the TV without freaking out over one, if not both.

12. You Secretly Envy Your Friends
Take a deep breath, and remember that they are just in another stage of their journey.


13. If You Want to Succeed, You Have to Love Yourself First
You are awesome—whatever your weight or relationship status!

14. When You Find the Right One (Man or Weight-Loss Routine), You Just Know
"I could do this forever."

All gifs courtesy of giphy.com.

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