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Get Paid to Lose Weight

8/22 9:19:30

Yep, you read that headline correctly—it’s actually possible to fatten up your wallet just by slimming down. And what’s more, having a financial incentive to get in shape has been proven to help people stick to weight-loss programs. So we highly suggest you get in on these deals ASAP.

How it works: This is a free app for iOS and Android. It tracks your exercise—and if you exercise enough, you earn free stuff! For every two minutes that you sweat, you earn 10 points, and once you rack up enough points, you get rewards like an Amazon gift card or Propel Fitness Water.
Check it out: www.nexercise.com

How it works: Think of this program like Kickstarter—for weight loss. It lets your friends pledge funds toward your fitness goals because they believe in you. Then, once you reach your goal, you get the cash!
Check it out: www.healthrally.com

How it works: With this app, you decide how many days a week you’ll hit the gym, then choose what amount you’ll pay if you duck out on your commitment. Then, every week, all of the money paid by the slackers who didn’t exercise is divided up and given to those who followed through with their goals.
Check it out: www.gym-pact.com

How it works: This game lets you bet with other players about how much weight you’ll lose. Each player must pay to join the game (cost varies, but it’s usually around $20). Then, players either commit to losing 4 percent of their body weight within four weeks or 10 percent of their weight within six months. At the end of the designated time period, players who reach their goal split the money in the pot.
Check it out: www.dietbetter.com

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