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A study released today in the Annals of Internal Medicine may finally

2016/8/25 17:08:42
Is Grapefruit Juice Good for Weight Loss After All?  

Just like every other fad diet, we’ve written off the Grapefruit

2016/8/25 17:08:38
Miranda Lambert on Weight Loss  

Miranda Lambert is on the cover of next month’s Marie Claire discussin

2016/8/25 17:08:34
YouBeauty's Favorite Pins of the Week

Whether it’s repinning fitness tips or browsing healthy recipe

2016/8/25 17:08:27
Study: As We Age, Exercise, Not Diet, Leads To Weight Loss  

We’ve heard the maxim again and again: Find a type of exercise y

2016/8/25 17:08:23
Khloe Kardashian's Weight Loss Secret Is Amazingly Simple  

Splash News Khloe Kardashian has always been one of my favo

2016/8/25 17:08:21
The Best (And Worst) Fruits & Veggies for Weight Loss

Fruit has always boasted the reputation as a a go-to snack choice for

2016/8/25 17:08:16
Plan Your Meals for Weight Loss

That means preparing the week’s meals on the weekend whenever possible

2016/8/25 17:08:09
Fatty Foods for Weight Loss

You already know that foods rich in saturated fats are about as good f

2016/8/25 17:08:04
Measuring Weight Giveaway

When the number on the bathroom scale simply won’t budge, some experts

2016/8/25 17:08:00

For some people, the ideal vacation involves digging their toes into w

2016/8/25 17:07:54
Abstract Thinking Can Help Weight Loss

One of the toughest parts of dieting is forgoing short-term pleasure f

2016/8/25 17:07:53
Sleep and Exercise

September through November in the northern United States signals the s

2016/8/25 17:07:48
5:2 Diet

It’s the weight-loss conundrum: The more we focus on how much food we’

2016/8/25 17:07:44
Psychology of Weight Loss

When you’re trying to lose weight, it’s easy to get stuck in the speci

2016/8/25 17:07:41
Cold Temperatures Boost Weight Loss

We already know that sitting at our desks all day every day is doing u

2016/8/25 17:07:34
Scientifically Proven Ways To Keep Weight Off For Good

If losing weight constantly lingers on the top of your “to-do

2016/8/25 17:07:24
A New Weight

With obesity rates nearing 30 percent in the U.S., one thing is certai

2016/8/25 17:07:22

The F.D.A. approved the newest prescription weight-loss drug, Qsymia.

2016/8/25 17:07:17
Best Weight

We’ve all heard the phrase, “a calorie is a calorie,” no matter whethe

2016/8/25 17:07:12
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