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Top mobile fitness apps to help you keep in shape!

8/26 14:11:42

fitness appsHow does a health-conscious person find time to workout or stick to an exercise regime or go to the gym? The answer is a button away – literally. Thanks to the numerous fitness applications being developed every other month, there’s no lack of options. Now we introduce to you a host of workout programs you can choose from – go ahead, flex that body! Here are some fitness apps that you’ll find useful if you are:

1. Training for a marathon

If you are an amateur marathoner or a seasoned runner, this app is tailor made just for you. Jeff Galloway’s Easy 5K uses a unique Run-Walk-Run method designed by the champion runner himself who averages about 7 marathons a year. Its 7-week program promises to help the runner complete his first 5K run without pain or injury and an additional 7-week program for seasoned runners helps them improve their 5K race time.

Pros: Not only does it have inbuilt music that adjusts to your pace, but it can also alter its beats to suit music that you upload on your phone.

Cons: Only compatible with iPhone.

2. Looking to get in shape

If body building isn’t your thing and you are just looking to get a fit, toned body then Adidas’ miCoach is right up your alley. This nifty app is akin to a personal trainer that customizes your workout session according to the goal you choose – getting fit, soccer, tennis or football. The Get Fit category is again divided into options like de-stress, lose weight etc. And track your distance, speed and calories burnt by connecting to miCoach.com.

Pros: Available for free and compatible with iPhone, Android as well as BlackBerry.

Cons:  The app relies on 3G technology so it needs iPhone 3G and above.

3. Training for a sport

Say bye-bye to your coach and hello to Nike Boom, the latest app in town for those looking to excel at a sport, be it hockey, rugby, football or basketball. Select the type of workout, time, music and get down to business. But what makes Nike Boom really stand out from the crowd is the motivational ‘attaboy!’ you get from your favourite athletes to boost your performance and achieve your goal.

Pros: Compatible with BlackBerry, iPhone and Android.

Cons: The app doesn’t include cricket as an option, considering it’s the most popular sport in the country.

4. For Yoga fanatics

The centuries old exercise for both mind and the body has made its way into the realm of mobile apps, and it’s called Pocket Yoga. It gives you a combination of 3 different practices, durations and difficulty levels – so a total of 27 options to choose from. The app also tracks your progress and guides you through every pose (there are 145 of them), even instructing you how to breathe.

Pros: One of the best apps on the market for Yoga that is available on BlackBerry, iPhone and Android. It also contains a library of poses to teach you a little about every pose.

Cons: Not for free. However, there’s a trial version available. It’s is slightly difficult for beginners to get accustomed to. The pace of the workouts may be a tad too fast for inexperienced users.

5. If you just love a good walk

Created for Apple by MapMyFitness, the operative word for iMapMyWalk app is simplicity. Of course it tracks your distance, speed, time and elevation but also provides a map that pinpoints your location – quite useful if you are in a city that you aren’t acquainted with. Once your walk is over, the app uploads your data to MapMyWalk.com where you can review your workout history and progress.

Pros: Simple to understand and operate and is available for free.

Cons: Some users have complained that the calorie counter may not be completely reliable.

So here we are – five great fitness apps to choose from – customized to your choice of workout. So what are you waiting for? Get, set and go!

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