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5 best exercises for flat abs

8/26 14:09:45
abs straps

How to do: Get up on a stool and hold the pull-up bar.

If you find it difficult to grip the pull-up bar properly and balance your bodyweight, use abs straps. After you suspend yourself, slowly raise your knee until they’re perpendicular to the ground and then straighten your legs. This entire movement is one rep. Repeat for 15-20 times and do three sets.

Bonus tip: Cardio and Diet

One thing that you’ve to keep in mind is that no amount of abdomen exercises will help you get flat abs unless you get rid of the fat that’s deposited around that area.  The only proper way to do this is to follow a balanced, healthy diet and copious amounts of cardio. Follow the above tips and get those dream washboard abs you’ve always wanted. 

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