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Look perfect on your wedding with these 7 weight loss tips

8/26 14:09:00

Most women dream of having the perfect wedding where all eyes are on them and they look nothing less than a princess. In order to attain this, they fret and opt for extreme dieting or unhealthy ways to lose weight and spoil their health in the long run. But if you plan in advance and follow a healthy lifestyle, you can look stunning without having to compromise on your health. Here are seven tips by nutritionist Neha Chandna that every bride-to-be should follow.

Sleep well: Most brides forget what sleep is after they get hitched, worrying about the tiniest of things that can go wrong. But don’t forget, sleep is the only time when your body recovers from all the stress it is going through during the day. And the good news is, a good night’s sleep is an important part of your weight loss process as it stabilises your hunger hormones which help you control your appetite. (Read: Having trouble sleeping? Get help with these expert tips!)

Get a full body check-up: Before you begin with a meal or workout plan, it is essential to get yourself checked for any abnormalities in your body. Unbalanced blood sugar levels, hormonal levels, etc are also responsible for weight gain. Once your reports are clear, it will be easier to decide your meal and exercise plan. And in case you suffer from something, you can always get help and customise your weight loss programme. (Read: 10 life-saving health tests you should take)

Join a gym or fitness club: If you can motivate yourself and go for a brisk walk for an hour every day, kudos to you. But if you are one of those who keep pushing back your workout making every possible excuse in the book, you better enroll yourself in a gym, dance class, etc. 1 hour of exercise is a must to help you lose flab and look fab on your wedding. In the gym, get a fitness trainer who can carve out a plan according to your goals and work on your problem areas. (Read: 10 awesome fitness workouts for the perfect you!)

Drink plenty of water: Water is an excellent solvent and it dispells all the toxins from your body leaving you with a glowing skin, lustrous hair and a healthy body. It also helps balance all the reactions in your cells and keeps your metabolism up to help you lose weight. Drink at least 35 ml/kg body weight of water/day and even more if you are out in the sun to rehydrate yourself. (Read: Water is the fuel that keeps your body fit)

Eat small meals every 2-3 hours: Agreed, with all the wedding preparations, eating frequent meals could be a challenge. But all you need to do is plan your day smartly and make sure you carry your meals with you wherever you go so that you avoid missing them and eat junk food. Eating often increases your metabolism and helps you burn fat faster. (Read: Getting married? Here’s a sample weight loss diet plan for brides-to-be)

Stay away from unnecessary fats and sweet: Avoid butter, ghee, cakes, pastries, desserts, fried foods, etc as these can only worsen your efforts to lose weight. Sweets can also give you a lot of mood swings and sugar cravings which you surely don’t need amidst all the wedding preparations. (Read: 10 ways to beat sugar cravings)

Avoid binge drinking: Alcohol can play havoc with your weight loss plan and not to forget your skin as well. It will dehydrate you, make you lethargic, add a number of calories in a short time and will also show on your face – it will look dull and lifeless. Smoking too has a similar effect. In order to avoid all this, restrict your alcohol intake. (Read: Why drinking is bad for your weight loss regime)

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