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Would you buy a ‘weight loss’ bra?

8/26 14:08:44

Scientists have developed a new stress busting bra that can help people monitor their comfort eating habit, keeping in mind the fact that people tend to eat more when they are stressed. According to Discovery News, researchers at Microsoft Research designed the bra in such way that will keep a watch on wearers’ mood and let them know when they are overeating. The sensor pads, which are created with a microprocessor powered by a 3.7-volt battery, are able to sample up to eight bio-signal channels at once. The sensors record heart rate and respiration with an EKG sensor, skin conductance with an electrodermal activity sensor, and movement with an accelerometer. Mary Czerwinski, senior researcher in visualisation and interaction at Microsoft, said that it’s mostly women who are emotional overeaters, and the bra is perfect for measuring EKG.

We will have to wait and watch whether or not this bra will be useful in helping women around the world to stop overeating. But the market is flooded with various products which promise quick-fixes to lose weight. (Read: Quick-fix weight loss products – Do they work?)

The Corset Diet promises also to drop a few inches off your waist and belly and helps you lose weight by making you think you are full with its hugging feeling around the torso. This in turn leads to weight loss. 

Sauna Belts too have had their fair share of fame. They look something like a WWE (erstwhile WWF) belt that you wear over your abdomen where they vibrate like crazy and heat up the abdomen area. The logic behind it is that this vibration will help burn fat in your abdomen area and you simply sweat out the fat.

With inputs from ANI. 

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