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Exercises to get rid of love handles, flabby arms, muffin top and thut

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Thut is where the upper part of your thighs and hips connect. Due to sedentary lifestyle which involves sitting stationary at one spot, people often lose the definition in their buttocks. One can bring this back by doing the following exercises. 

Power lunge 

Stand with your feet hip-width apart, bring one foot forward. Bend your knees to about a 90 degree angle lowering yourself into a lunge position. Return to starting position and switch legs.

Side raise

For this exercise, you will be lying on your side, enabling you to you lift with the outer thigh, so that you work those muscles effectively. Lie on a mat, with your entire body positioned in a straight line. Slowly lift one leg up, raising it slightly higher than the height of your hip and lower. Repeat with the other leg. 

Do all the above mentioned exercises two days of the week  but not one day after the other. Start with 1-3 sets per day, and each set of 15 reps. Slowly increase the number as you get comfortable with the exercises. It is essential to warm up and stretch your body before you begin these exercises or else there is always a chance of getting injured. It is also important to cool down your body after the workout. Here are some stretching exercises and warm up and cool down exercises.

Remember, only exercising will not help. You also need to focus on your diet. Some diet changes you can make are avoiding junk foods, eating protein-rich food, medium amounts of carbs and fats from good sources. Drink lots of water, reduce of fizzy drinks and alcohol. Here is a sample weight loss diet plan you can try. 

With inputs from Namita Jain

Namita Jain has carved a niche for herself in the fitness and wellness space with her brand ‘Jaldi Fit’ and company ‘Live Active’. Her career spans over 25 years and her unmatched list of qualifications let her stay ahead of the curve. She has authored several books on health and fitness and contributed articles for top publications as well. She conducts classes in aerobics, yoga, Pilates, step workout and interval training. She also features as a nutritionist on the TV channel Food Food in their health cookery programme. Namita was the nutrition partner for Miss Femina India 2012. For more information on her wellness programmes, visit her websites: www.liveactive.com and www.jaldifit.com

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