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How to stick to your weight loss goals when on a vacation

8/26 14:06:32

Going on a vacation is no doubt relaxing, exciting and rejuvenating. But what comes complimentary with it is some extra kilos on your body. One often lets go and eats and drinks what their heart desires which results in their weight loss goals going awry. But a few simple tips can go a long way in ensuring that all you come back with is excess luggage and memories! Dr Puneet Nayak, CMD, Prettislim, a slimming and body-shaping clinic with several outlets in the country, suggests some simple tips and tricks to help you stick to your weight loss goals. 

How should one plan their meals when on a vacation? 

There are many opportunities to eat and drink unhealthy on a vacation. In the holiday state of mind, one forgets about the stress of day-to-day life and binge eats and drinks resulting in weight gain. We see a rush of clients post holiday season, coming to lose the weight they have gained during the summer holidays. Is there a way out, to enjoy the holidays and avoid weight gain too? Yes, it is surely possible, with a little planning and by making sensible food choices. 

  • Free alcohol on international flights does a lot of damage to your weight. Without you realising, you drink empty calories. Avoid or restrict the quantity of alcohol to prevent weight gain.
  • Ask for water and sip it regularly.
  • It is not necessary to consume all food listed in the flight menu. Avoid the high fat/high carb food items. Pick up a food that has minimum calories. 
  • Try to choose foods which are prepared in a healthier way. For eg, prefer grilled or baked to deep fried.  Even if you are trying new dishes, do not hesitate to ask the waiter for its healthier version.
  • Do not leave your hotel on an empty stomach as you are likely to eat unhealthy food on the way. 
  • If you happen to eat a heavy lunch, try to compensate by having a light dinner.
  • Eating slowly will not only save you from indigestion but you will also eat less.
  • Make it a point to eat 20 % less than your usual servings to compensate for that extra packet of chips or the bottle of cola which you might have had during the course of the day.
  • Avoid buffet meals as unlimited meals can spoil your fitness goals.
  • Choose a fruit plate for dessert and avoid other high-calorie options.

What if one cannot find the food they want at their hotel? 

Most of the hotels have a mini fridge in the room. If you find that the hotel of your stay does not have healthier options, source them from the nearby supermarket and fill the fridge with fruits, vegetables, yoghurt of your choice. Also, many hotels have a small kitchenette in the room. You can cook something healthy there. Do not hesitate to request the hotel staff to prepare some healthier food options for you. Many a times, they are happy to oblige.

Could you give some safe and easily available meal options that people can stick to when travelling?

You can carry certain, dry foods with you while travelling. It can be low-cal snacks or high-fibre biscuits or high-protein bars, etc.

Eating fruits and vegetables high in water content can replenish your body without all the artificial colours and flavours commonly found in sports drinks. The biggest advantage them is that they contain minimal calories and provide a feeling of fullness.

Fruits are easily available everywhere on the planet. One can try regional and seasonal varieties. Or else, fruits like apples, pears, etc are not only low in calories but are also easy to carry. 

How can one work out on a vacation?

When you are holidaying, do not skip your fitness regimen altogether. Remember to burn the extra calories you are consuming by following some simple tips.

  •  Most of the hotels and resorts have a gym, fitness centre or swimming pool. Make full use of it. 
  • Fill your lungs with fresh air by running on the beach or going for a stroll in the mountains.
  • Walking to short distances will not only increase your activity level but also help you explore the place. 
  • If your hotel has a night club, go dancing. You will have a good time and also burn the extra calories.
  • Play outdoor games with your children during holidays. It will increase family bonding while you burn those calories.

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