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Weight Loss Tip #16 – Eat cucumbers to lose weight

8/26 14:06:04

No other vegetable can give you a cooling effect as powerful as cucumbers. They are very good at this task because they have a water content of 95% and are extremely low in calories.

Since they are rich in fiber, cucumbers aid in flushing out the excessive amount of harmful toxins, help promote digestion and are also great to fill up the stomach as a low-cal food. It keeps you satiated for a longer time. They’re also great for your skin and make you look younger.

Tartrate acid, a component in cucumber increases energy and promotes weight loss. It basically helps the body to convert carbohydrates into energy, so that they will not be stored as fat cells. Therefore this unpretentious and cheap vegetable is one of your most powerful tools to lose weight. (Read: 10 health benefits of cucumber)

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