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Weight Loss Tip #17 – Eat curd to lose weight

8/26 14:05:59

Yogurt or curd is now being recognized as one of the top healthy foods. Besides being a food that contains ‘good’ bacteria you need, it is also a healthy source of nutrients that our body requires without giving you any empty calories. Curd is packed with a good supply of proteins, vitamins and calcium. Calcium plays an important role in releasing signals which makes the fat cells to release less cortisol (which is blamed for telling the body to acquire more belly fat). (Read: Five food items that’ll help you lose weight!)

Yogurt or curd also retains one-third calorie-burning lean muscle mass. The protein in yogurt also increases the amount of water absorbed by the intestines, improving hydration. Hence, the next time you plan to lose weight, make sure you’re eating a healthy amount of curd or yogurt. Just around 500 grams of yogurt or curd every day will go a long way in losing weight. (Read: 9 reasons you should have curd)

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