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How can I get rid of my beer belly? (Weight loss query)

8/26 14:05:45

Hi, I‘m Rajeev, 38, and I have a protruding belly which is quite embarrassing. I’ve tried various methods to lose weight but there’s absolutely nothing that seems to work. How can I get rid of my beer belly?

A beer belly isn’t just bad to look at; abdominal obesity is actually an indicator of heart disease and other chronic conditions. Not only will losing that belly make you feel more confident, it will also keep chronic conditions at bay. Here are some useful tips:

1) Exercises – To lose weight, burning those calories and fat deposits is a pre-requisite and you can only do that by exercising, there simply aren’t any short cuts. You can choose to hit the gym or to make things interesting, you can even try zumba, hula loops, skating, kickboxing and more. Just remember, doing endless crunches won’t help because spot reduction doesn’t really work. (Read: 25 fun and exciting ways to lose weight!)

2) Cutting down calorie intake – The other requirement of weight loss is to the extra calories so that your body can burn the extra fat. Avoid foods with sugars, artificial sweeteners, processed foods, and high calorie foods such as cheese, butter, red meat and other similar foods. (Read: 6 diet tips to lose belly fat)

3) Stay away from alcohol – Alcohol is horrible because not only is it high in calories, it also lowers your inhibitions which will make you eat more junk food. Studies have also shown that alcohol decreases the body’s ability to burn fat.(Read: 4 reasons why alcohol is bad for your weight training regime)

4) Eat foods like cinnamon, ginger, flaxseeds, green tea, etc. which will boost your weight loss efforts. (Read: 6 home remedies for weight loss)

You also have to remember that losing weight isn’t just a one-off effort and you’ll need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep the fat away forever.  

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