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7 fat-burning foods you need to eat to lose weight

8/26 14:04:54
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Are you tired of exercising but not seeing results? You need to improve your diet. While many of us may  believe, there are foods which can help burn those extra, unwanted calories. These foods will not only help you cut down on calories but will also increase your metabolism, trigger hormones that help release fat while also eliminating toxins that prevent your body from shedding those extra kilos. Listed below are 7 of the best fat-burning foods.

Green tea: Green tea is the new health beverage in town and surely helps in burning fat. This tea contains a compound called EGCG and polyphenols which help in boosting metabolism and you in turn burn more calories. Have 2-3 cups of green tea every day after your meals to help improve digestion as well as burn fat.

Hot peppers: Hot peppers contain fat-burning effect, especially varieties like jalapenos and chillies which have capsaicin. It is a well-known fact that capsaicin helps reduce belly fat by oxidising fat. It also helps increase metabolism and thereby ensuring that your body burns calories. Hot peppers can be added in the form of flakes in salads.

Almonds: A handful of almonds can pack quite a healthy punch. These nuts are rich in protein that helps build muscle, thereby keeping your metabolism steady and speedy. Almonds can be consumed raw or can be added to a salad.

Whole grains: Whole grain is a smart choice because your body burns more calories as it breaks down these fibre-rich grains as opposed to processed foods that are high in calorie count and do not have much fibre.

Bananas: While bananas may not necessarily have the best reputation when it comes with providing fat-burning benefits, it can surprise you. This fruit contains resistant starch which reacts positively on fat levels. The starch gets converted to fatty acid in the stomach as a result of good bacteria, thereby decreasing obesity by metabolizing fat and preventing accumulation. Bananas can be turned into smoothies or cut to pieces and added to a healthy fruit salad. (Read: 5 healthy juice recipes to lose weight)

Zucchini: Zucchini can be added to green juice or even smoothies. While many people might not love the concoction, it actually tastes great. Zucchini contains a rich amount of vitamin C, is low in the number of carbohydrates and also has very few calories, which helps you cut down on the calories. A thin slice of the vegetable has about 2 calories. Zucchini can be added to a salad or crushed to form a healthy juice or smoothie. Here are some expert weight loss tips that work really well.

Grapefruit: Grapefruit is a great fat-burning food as it prevents the storage of starch and sugar in the body and helps you remain full longer. The fruit is also rich in fibre, helping regulate and maintain blood glucose levels. Grapefruit can be added to a fruit salad, smoothies or can be squashed to provide juice. These days it is available in supermarkets and looks like orange.

While these foods are fat-burning, it should be noted that in order for these foods to really work, you will need to incorporate them as part of a clean diet. Therefore, you cannot expect to lose calories if you enjoy your daily portion of junk food. (Read: 5 habits that are making you fat!)

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