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Revealed — HIIT burns most calories

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Workout that burns most calories

With so many options out there you might be wondering which workout burns the most calories. But the workout that burns the most calories is determined by the time and intensity you spend on it. According to Althea Shah, Fitness Expert and VP Marketing Gold’s Gym India, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is best for quick weight loss as it will help you burn a lot of calories in a short time. High intensity is basically exercising above 80 percent of maximum heart rate. It is a cardio-respiratory training that involves short duration, high-intensity exercise intervals intermingled with lower intensity intervals. Also, read how HIIT helps you lose 50% more body fat than just cardio.

Outdoor activities, such as running and cycling can help you burn a lot of calories. Also, using equipment such as treadmills, elliptical runners, stair climbers and stationary bikes can help you lose inches. HIIT training also involves challenging workouts such as sprints for short time frames, lasting from thirty seconds to two minutes.

Workout routine by Althea Shah:

  • A 5-10 minute of warm up is a must before you begin the interval training. It will help you avoid any kind of muscle or joint injury during the workout.
  • Once the body is warmed up, start the work intervals. Perform 1 minute of high-intensity workout to every 2 to 3 minutes of active recovery. The recovery also should be active; activity has to continue at a lesser intensity as this allows the muscles to remove the metabolic waste and produce more energy for the next bout of high-intensity exercise.
  • Start with a lower number of work intervals and work up to doing 10-12 high-intensity work intervals. For example, outdoor HIIT training would be running at the fastest pace possible on a jogging track for 200 meters and then jogging at a slower pace for 400 metres. Indoor HIIT training would be an indoor cycling where you do hill climbs for two minutes working at a RPE of 7 or 8, followed by four minute flat road intervals working at an RPE of 4 or 5. RPE or the rate of perceived exertion is a common method of determining the intensity of the exercise. You may also want to read running vs cycling– which is best for weight loss.


  • HIIT can be best for you if you have a busy schedule and want to get in shape fast.  You can perform it in the morning or may even squeeze in some time during the lunch break for the workout.You can try this 10-minute workout to get a slimmer body.
  • Althea says, ‘Not only do you burn more calories during the workout, but the effect of all that intense exertion helps you burn fat and calories even after the workout.’ That means you will burn more fat and calories within 24 hours after a fast-paced run than you do after, say, a steady pace run.
  • The body learns to produce energy from the anaerobic physical activity, which in turn can strengthen your heart.
  • The best feature of HIIT is that you always do not need equipment and you can perform it anywhere. Activities such as running, biking, jump roping and rowing all work great for burning calories. High knees, fast feet or anything plyometric like jumping lunges work just as well to get your heart rate up fast. All these increase metabolic rate and help burn fat at a faster pace.


  • Make sure you have 2 glasses of water an hour before this kind of training.
  • It is also important to ensure that you eat right. Have a meal consisting protein and carbohydrates at least an hour before and after your workout. You can include carbohydrates such as bananas, mangoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, whole grains and brown rice. Lean meats such as chicken breast, fish, prawns, shrimps, legumes and low-fat milk and yogurt are good sources of protein.
  • Our expert suggests avoiding two days of High Intensity Interval Training in a row. This kind of training puts a great amount of stress on your muscles, joints and bones. A minimum of 24 hours is required to allow your body to recover from the workout.
  • Do not continue with the workout if you experience any breathing problems or light-headedness.
  • High Intensity Interval Training is not recommended for people with heart problems and pregnant women.

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