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Can eating ghee make you fat?

8/26 14:03:24
Eating rice with ghee

You are certainly not the only one to think that ghee is making you fat. Ghee or clarified butter  is one of the first ingredients that most of us eliminate from our diet when it comes to weight loss. But can ghee make you put on weight? Well-known nutritionist Prema Kodical answers all your questions.

Can eating ghee make you fat?

Ghee may not be a reason for your weight gain. It is true that ghee is high in calories and has high saturated fat content, but it is beneficial to intestinal bacteria and promotes the health of digestive tract. It prevents constipation and helps weight loss. Ghee derived from grass-fed cows, contains conjugated linolenic acid (CLA), which helps in weight loss.

If you are trying to lose weight, you should be careful about your calorie consumption, especially from fat. Here is how much cooking oil you should consume in a day.

Is it healthy to cook food with ghee?
You can, in fact, replace your cooking oil with ghee. Ghee has a higher smoking point than other oils. So it doesn’t form free radicals that are harmful to health.

What is the best way to consume ghee?
The best way of adding ghee to your diet would be to cook your vegetables in ghee. You can even fry foods in it because of its high smoking point. You can spread it on the chapati and drizzle it on rice.

How much ghee should you consume every day?
There are no scientific studies definitively linking ghee to specific health benefits, but some Ayurveda practitioners believe that it is better for the body than plain butter. But despite its health benefits, it should be had in moderation. Restrict your consumption of ghee to 2-3 teaspoons in a day.

Can everyone have ghee?
Although ghee has many health benefits, avoid ghee if you are diabetic or have high cholesterol.

Now that you know that ghee is not making you fat don’t hesitate to spread it on your chapattis or add it to your rice.

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