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Lose belly fat with ber or jujube leaves

8/26 14:02:40
Ber for weight loss

Ber or jujube is a common fruit in India and has a number of health benefits. But did you know, it’s leaves can help you lose weight too? Here’s how.

How it works

According to a study published in the Journal of Natural Remedies[1], the extract of jujube or ber leaves are great to lose weight. Not only does it help suppress hunger, but it also decreases the level of serum glucose, lipid  levels and helps reduce the amount of fat around your internal organs (especially your belly). The extract is especially great for those who dine out often or have diets that are high in fat. You may also like to read about how to lose belly fat in a week!

How to use it

You will need:

  • Take a handful of ber leaves
  • Soak in water overnight
  • Have this water every morning, preferably on an empty stomach.

How often should you have this mixture?

  • Drinking a glass of this mixture once a day for a month, shows great results.


[1] Ganachari1 MS, Shiv Kumar, Alagawadi KR. Anti-obese activity of Ziziphus jujube Lam leaves extract in dietary obese rats. J Natural Remedies 2007, 7(1):102-108.

[2] Home Remedies for common Ailments, H.K Bhakru, Orient Paperbacks, Delhi, 1998, pages 239.

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