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Dhrupad lost 32 kgs in 6 months by giving up excuses and sticking to his weight loss plan

8/26 14:02:07
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Dhrupad Shrivastava, a 26-year-old IT professional used to weight about 111 kilos. Until one day when he had a casual chat with one of his friends and the friend pointed out that he really needs to do something about his weight. Seldom do you come across people who decide to lose weight just to avoid health complications in the future. Dhrupad has been obese since childhood. He took baby steps to make sure that he is losing weight effectively. Read on to know more about his weight loss journey.

How did it all begin?

‘I was an achiever academically and in extra-curricular activities, so I never thought of my weight or size as a problem. Just a few months back, I was hanging out with a couple of friends when one of them said, ‘You need to do something about your weight. You’re heading towards a lot of health issues in the future.’ That’s when I made up my mind and decided to lose weight. I knew that I had to lose weight but I always kept putting it off with a ton of excuses. This time, I knew that I had to somehow cut the excuses and start focussing on losing weight.’

The weight loss journey 

‘I started off by controlling my diet. For the first week, I quit Chinese food and junk food that I loved. I made these small targets which motivated me to take another step and achieve yet another target. I did not visit a dietician or a nutritionist about my diet. I started having low-calorie food, especially during dinner. I made little lifestyle changes like taking the stairs instead of an elevator, walking an extra mile and these changes made a lot of difference to my health.

After I had complete control over my diet, I joined the gym. Initially, I made sure that I went to the gym every day for a month (including weekends) even if I didn’t have to workout on that day. I used to go and just see others working out which inspired me to work harder on my weight loss goals. I was working out aggressively in the first month. I lost at least 9 kgs in the first month itself.* So it really kept me going when, not only me but everyone around also saw the results.

Another thing that really motivated me was looking at myself in the mirror. Every time I saw the results, it motivated me to work harder and made me happy. I am still working on losing some more weight. As per my height, I need to weigh around 65-70 kgs. So I am actively working on that.’

Life after losing weight

‘It feels great to be fit and to know the fact that I won’t be a heavy burden on my family or anyone else in the future. I am also working on my abs and hopefully, in 8-9 months, I will have six-pack abs. I would just like to pass on one message through my story. Stop making excuses. The day you stop making excuses and start working on it, you will achieve what you want.’

So there it is! No excuses will yield positive results.

*Disclaimer text TheHealthSite.com does not guarantee any weight loss through this method as the results may vary from person to person. We recommend you consult your nutritionist and physician before following any of the tips suggested here.




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