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Trying to lose weight with a gluten-free diet? Read this

8/26 14:01:36
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You may have heard from your friends that going gluten free helps you shed the extra kilos. While many celebrities like Victoria Beckham claim that going gluten free helped them lose weight, there is absolutely no evidence to supports the belief. Plus, gluten-free versions can be hefty in your pockets. Nutritionist Priya Kathpal tells why just switching to gluten-free versions won’t do you any good if you want to lose weight.

Gluten free food is not always low in calories
It is important to realise that a gluten-free diet does not equal a low carbohydrate diet. Gluten free foods are neither low in calories nor a healthier version of whole grains. In fact, the gluten-free foods found in market are loaded with sugar to enhance taste and texture. Also, avoid these 6 high-calorie Indian vegetarian dishes.

It is low in fibre
According to Priya, the gluten found in whole grains contains an array of vitamins, fibre and mineral that is a crucial part of any healthy weight loss diet. When you are trying to lose weight, you need to eat a balanced diet. And switching to a gluten-free diet will deprive you of these nutrients. It tends to contain very less fibre and thus, will not help you feel full and satiated. It, however, makes sense to steer clear of whole grains if you have gluten sensitivity. Here are 5 healthy options for gluten-sensitive people.

It leads to cravings
The right mix of healthy carbohydrates like the whole grain products will not cause any spike in your blood sugar level and thus prevent cravings. When you go completely gluten free, you may experience an imbalance in your blood sugar level that will make you eat more.

Unless you are gluten-sensitive, it does not make sense to cut gluten out of your diet. If you want to lose weight, it is better that you eat a well-balanced, low-calorie diet.


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