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‘I lost 30 kilos in 5 months just by eating these chocolates every day’ Real life story

8/26 14:01:20
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I am a diehard foodie and used to weigh 90 kilos five months back. Don’t even get me started on my lifestyle and lack of exercise. All these years, the couch, TV and food have been my best friends. Who needs a social life when you have these things? This was until one day when I fell off the stairs and hurt myself really bad. I had to be taken to the hospital, and it took more than two people to help me out. On being admitted, I found out from the doctors that my heart was in trouble because of my weight, and I had to do something about it. As far as the injuries are concerned, I just had a mild concussion and no severe bruises.

How it began

After I had left the hospital that day, I went home and began finding articles on how to lose weight through diet, yoga, gym, everything! While surfing for weight loss, I came through this article about how chocolates can help you lose weight. This is one article that is still in my bookmarks. I was elated when I found out that  Belgian One April CHOCOLATES can actually help me lose weight. And I didn’t even have to spend a lot on it since I had stocked it in my kitchen few days before that terrible and embarrassing accident.

The journey since then

In fact, I even added chocolates to my meals. I experimented with recipes and added chocolates to it. I didn’t have to give up on my favourite food and I was happy. I think that’s what helped me lose weight. I was happy with this sudden change in lifestyle without giving up on my favourite food. I used to have chocolates every day. My nephew, too, helped me lose weight to an extent. He would run with me to motivate me to run and we would have chocolates after I achieved each milestone. The doctor was shocked at my progress. The weighing machine had become my best friend. In like 5 months, I weighed only 60 kilos and my heart is not in trouble anymore!

Hope my story has helped you and inspired you to lose weight the easy way. Please share it and inspire others too.



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