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Fitness Plan Day 93: Burn 500 calories with today’s plan

8/26 14:01:18

If you are looking to lose weight quickly, you need to increase you calorie burn. A good fitness routine should help you burn at least 500 calories in a day so that by the end of the week you end up burning at least 3500 calories.

Early morning
Replace that early morning chai loaded with milk and sugar with lemon tea. You can also have green tea without sugar in the morning to cut down on your sugar intake and bolster your metabolism.

Healthy recipes

Breakfast: Ditch that calorie dense aloo paratha in the morning and have two filling idlis. Also better if you do not have sambhar with your meal as according to HealthifyMe, just one katori of sambhar will provide you with 140 calories. You may want to try this healthy rava idli.rava idli.

Lunch: Eat vegetables instead of rice and pulao for lunch. Chapatis along with home cooked sabjis can be your best option. Try this arbi ki sabzi and this healthy, oil-free bhindi masala.

Evening snack: Substitute your evening cookies biscuits and chips with fruit that will provide you with all the energy and keep you satiated at the same time. According to HealthifyMe a medium sized orange will give you only 62 calories as compared to 155 calories from five biscuits which still leave you feeling hungry.

Dinner: Eating meat and fish in the night can be a good option as they will provide you with protein for muscle recovery. Having grilled fish instead of fish curry can drastically reduce your calorie intake. Try this grilled basa with couscous saladgrilled basa with couscous salad.


At home: For a quick total body workout, you can follow along this plan to burn maximum calories. Also, boost your calorie burn for the day with a few minutes of jumping ropes. You can break it up into three sets of 150 each. Also, try outdoor cycling for just 30 minutes with maximum intensity will help you burn as much as 270 calories.

At the gym: Good circuit-workout training in the morning can help you burn at least 180 calories in 20 minutes. According to fitness-trainer Ramona Braganza, the various exercises performed in a row with minimum rest between them can up your calorie burn while helping you build strength and agility.

Yoga: A hatha yoga sequence like the vinyasa flow and surya namasakar can help you burn up to 70 calories in 20 minutes. All you need to do is the increase your pace while you move through these yoga sequences, says yoga expert Sunaina Rekhi. In the evening, when you come back home you can practice these yoga poses to blast a few more calories. These asanas will also up your metabolism while helping you tone your body.

So if you follow this plan you end up burning up to 510 calories.

Sleep well tip
Try to eat at least two hours before sleep as if your stomach is full you may find it hard to fall asleep especially if you are suffering a heartburn.

Previous day fitness plan

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Disclaimer: If you follow a fitness plan already, consult your nutritionist before switching to this one. If you are allergic to any of the foods/ingredients mentioned, please do not consume it. Do not follow this plan without consulting your doctor if you suffer from a health condition — hypertension, hypotension, diabetes, etc. or are pregnant.




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