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Fitness tip: 5 ways to make sure you stick to your gym routine

8/26 14:00:57
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From my personal experience, I know how difficult it is to hit the gym every other day, even though you imagine yourself having a bikini body one day. While your trainer and the internet will help you find various motivational quotes and tricks to make sure that you stick to your gym routine. There is something so miserable deep down inside you that every time you promise yourself you will make it, you fail. This has happened to me many times and finally I found some practical tips that helped me stay motivated with my gym routine. Here, I am sharing a few of them:

Stick to a daily timing: This is the first step in making sure you are able to keep up with your gym routine. Even if you hit the gym for 15 minutes every day, make sure you do that at the same time. This makes your mind more receptacle to the timing and you are less likely to skip your session frequently. However, it might take even up to a month for your mind and body to come to sync and help you head the gym at the same time.

Make friends who are fit and healthy: Don’t envy people who have flat tummy and big biceps in your gym. I used to do it once, but now I try to make friends with them. The one’s who have sculpted their body with great care and dedication turn out to be the best gym buddies. They give you the best advice and are most willing to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Post about your exercises on social media: Yes, just don’t post your selfies with the treadmill and dumbbells. Instead, write about your experience in the gym along with the exercises you performed. When people start congratulating you for your efforts it gives motivation to hit the gym again.

Prepare your body way before it is time to head the gym: Self talk is the only way you can prepare yourself to get to the gym and sweat it out. So have a dialogue with yourself way before it is time for your gym. Remember this dialogue needs to be a positive one so doesn’t bring up the excuses you have to skip the gym but the reasons you have to hit the gym.

Write about your achievement: Even if you lost 50 gm in the past week make a note about it. You won’t believe how these small notes to self will turn to be your biggest motivation in time. The little changes you see in your fitness diary helps you to keep up with your goals in the long run.



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