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I Lost Weight Once But It Came Back!

8/17 10:48:16
It seems like most people can lose weight, but they seem to gain it back and sometimes gain more than they lost. I have done it a few times myself. Right now I have lost 9 pounds and I am wondering how am I going to keep those pounds from coming back. I still have 12 more pounds to lose, but it seems like these next few pounds are not coming off as easy.

Have I Discovered Something... Maybe I Have!

I am getting excited now, believe me this idea is developing as I write this article. I may have come up with a way to lose weight right before your eyes as I am constructing this article. We all know that losing weight lies in those few inches between our ears, the brain. Most diets we try help us lose some weight, but keeping it off is controlled by what our mind is telling us. If we allow our mind to tell us having ice cream each night before we go to sleep is ok, then we will have the ice cream.

Controlling That Mind...That's the Object!

I don't watch Oprah very often, but I do watch occasionally to see how she is doing with her weight. I just happened to check in last night and guess what, she has put a few pounds back on. She does this from time to time, but she always manages to drop the few pounds she gains. I think I know her secret. She exercises, and I know she stays away from certain foods, but I think the key to her success is the mind control. I remember when she began she kept the weight off for a long time, then she gained it back. The next time she lost the weight it stayed off except for a few pounds which she usually loses. I don't remember what her exact words were after she lost weight the second time, but I am sure it was something to do with the mind.

Ready Set Go!...Time To Put It All Together, Are You In?

Here we go. If the mind is keeping us from losing weight and keeping it off, we need to change the way we think. The mind is a powerful thing, it can be difficult to change our thoughts. For example, you have heard of people trying to stop smoking, but they just couldn't. Then they have a heart attack and receive a triple bypass, after the surgery they are able to stop. Their mind continued to tell them they wanted to smoke, but they realized if they didn't stop they could die after they had the heart attack. We don't want anything that drastic to happen to us to force us to lose weight, but there may be other ways. You see, we all want something to be easy. If our mind is asking us to eat now, we might be able to wait ten more minutes before we eat, that would be easy, but it would be much harder to wait 24 hours before we ate.

What we are going to do is fool our mind just a little. We are going to drop a few pounds maybe 5 or 10 pounds, that really shouldn't be that hard, the trick is, that will be all the weight we are going to lose. After losing 5 or 10 pounds we will just be keeping the weight off that we had previously lost. It's much harder to lose weight than to stay at our current weight. Will this work? I can't say, I just got this idea as I was writing this article, but what is the worst that could happen? Even If You didn't lose any more weight you would keep the 10 pounds off instead of gaining it back. You won't be as stressed out, always thinking about how much more weight you need to lose. I don't know about you, but I have talked myself into doing it. As of today I have lost all the weight I need to lose, from now own I will just concentrate on not giving back any of the weight I lost and if I lose more Great!

Good Luck!
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