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Weight Loss Made Easy

8/17 10:48:09
Weight loss has always been a hot topic issue but in the day and age we live in it's become much more than just an "issue", a necessity for the constantly rising number of overweight individuals in our society.

Some of you might be reading this and saying to yourself why is he stating the obvious and repeating what nearly every weight loss commercial has said for the past 5 to 10 years? Isn't he going to help? Of course I am. But I'm not going to make bold claims of rapid weight loss or being able to eat all you want. You will need to alter your lifestyle but after reading this article you'll be well on your way to a healthier, slimmer you and most importantly it will be so easy you'll wonder why you weren't doing this all along.

1. Get up and off of your couch and get active. I know it's not what you wanted to hear but it is the single most important aspect of a weight loss plan. Get active doesn't mean that you have to start running marathons or lifting ridiculous amounts of weights, it simply means that you must do an activity that will increase the speed of your metabolism in order for your body to create a caloric deficit. Did you know something as simple as a brisk walk can burn nearly 500 calories if done for an hour? See what I'm trying to show you is that you don't have to be an elite athlete you just have to pick an activity that you like because then and only then will you continue to do it!

2. I touched on this in the first tip but now I will elaborate. Create a caloric deficit! I know some of you might be sitting there and asking yourself, what exactly does that mean? It simply means that you must burn more calories then you are putting into your body. I know many of you already know this but I bet most of our society doesn't know how to achieve it. The simplest way is to use a proven mathematical formula. If you are looking for a moderate weight loss you would multiply your current bodyweight by 12 and that would give you your daily caloric requirements. If your body is ultra resistant you can go as low as 10 times your bodyweight. The second method and the one I recommend is to find your daily caloric value by eating a certain amount of calories each week and finding the number where you don't gain or lose any weight and deduct 500 calories from that number. Whether you use exercise, diet or both to create the deficit is up to you but it must be done in order for you to lose weight!

In addition to the two tips in this article you should try to drink as close to a gallon of water a day as you can and try to stop eating two to three hours before you go to sleep. If you adhere to the tips in this article, you will undoubtedly be on your way to your ideal weight.
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