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New Mom AJ Cook Finds Her Feel Great Weight

8/16 17:41:54
tk tkTom Rafalovich Criminal Minds actress AJ Cook is trying to shed her baby weight. Check back here each month to see how she's putting Health's feel great weight plan to work.

Her story: “I gained 40 pounds during a difficult pregnancy on national TV! That was tough—its hard to see your body change and have no control over it. But now I want people to see that I have to work just as hard as anyone else to take it off. And I really feel strongly that its important to do it the healthy way.

Now that Im back on the show, I have crazy hours, which makes things tricky. (That, and staying away from baked goods—I love a good vanilla or red velvet cupcake!)

But my goal is to get back to a toned and healthy body, even if I dont get all the way back to my prepregnancy weight. And, honestly, Im OK with that now because when I come home after a long day and see Mekhai smile at me its all worth it!”
AJ's stats Age: 30 Height: 5' 5.5" Weight: 131.5 Waist: 30" Hips: 37" Body fat: 24.5% Goal: 115
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"This past month, I experienced a lot of mom guilt. Who was I to put time for myself—like fitting in workouts—before time with my baby? But I finally realized that by taking care of myself, I would have more energy for my son and could better take care of him and my family. That kept me going."

Height: 5' 5.5"
Goal: 115 lbs
Starting Current Loss to Date Weight (lbs) 131.5 127.5 4 Waist 30" 27.5" 2.5" Hips 37" 36.5" 0.5" Body Fat 24.5% 22% 2.5%

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“No doubt, the second month on the program was harder. In the first month, youre all revved and ready to go—then in the second month, you hit a mental wall. You start thinking ‘Is this happening fast enough? Also, I was traveling a lot during this month and got extremely worn down and tired, which made it harder. Then I got really sick with a bad cold. And finally, I had an ankle injury that made working out a challenge too. Put all that together and I just wanted to stay curled up under a blanket.

Thats when I really realized the value of a support team. First, my doctor told me that in the fourth month after giving birth, there is one more big hormonal adjustment in the body. That helped explain my extreme fatigue all the time. Once I knew what was going on (I was starting to think I had mono or something!), I realized I was just zapped, and that made me feel better.

Second, my trainer found ways to work around my injured ankle—which we eventually figured out was due to my wearing terrible sneakers. I went and got fitted properly for a new pair (even took a treadmill test) and wow, what a difference. I would highly suggest making sure you have good sneakers that fit right if youre working out regularly as a part of this program.

And finally, knowing that I had these people to report to kept me from bailing on appointments. There is a real value in making yourself accountable to other people when youre trying to reach your goals. It keeps you from talking yourself into staying on the couch instead of staying on track!”

Starting Current Loss to Date Weight (lbs) 131.5 126.5 5 Waist 30" 27" 3" Hips 37" 35" 2" Body Fat 24.5% 21.5% 3%

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Tom Rafalovich

"Finding time for my workouts has been one of my biggest challenges. Whats helped is having accountability to my trainer—if I cancel, I know Ill be letting him down, too. I also picked a gym near my home, so I can get there quickly. Plus, I try to squeeze in little workouts whenever and wherever I can, whether its doing some toning in my trailer during a break on set or pushing Mekhai in his stroller on my day off.”

Height: 5' 5.5"
Goal: 115 lbs
Starting Current Loss to Date Weight (lbs) 131.5 124.5 7 Waist 30" 24" 6" Hips 37" 35" 2" Body Fat 24.5% 20% 4.5%

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Tom Rafalovich

“If I find myself getting bored or wanting to quit, I try to switch things up by trying new recipes and activities. I cant let myself slack off because Im accountable—my RD and trainer are going to know if I do! You cant fake your way through this. Theres nowhere to hide. Ive learned to take responsibility and do it 100 percent, and Im almost there!”

"My results have started to motivate my husband, who is now saying, ‘Youre looking so good, I have to drag my butt back into the gym.

Height: 5' 5.5"
Goal: 115 lbs
Starting Current Loss to Date Weight (lbs) 131.5 123 8.5 Waist 30" 24" 6" Hips 37" 35" 2" Body Fat 24.5% 16.5% 8%

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"Im so grateful because The Feel Great Weight program really helped me get my body back. I feel strong—and I love the way I look now.

I got back into my favorite little black dress! Im excited Ive had such great success, and I know I can do this on my own now. Ive been reprogrammed—not only my body but also my mind."

Height: 5' 5.5"
Goal: 115 lbs

What AJ has Lost

Weight: 12.5 lbs.
Waist: 6"
Hips: 3.5"
Body fat: 8%

Starting Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Current Weight (lbs) 131.5 127.5 126.5 124.5 123 119 Waist 30" 27.5" 27" 24" 24" 24" Hips 37" 36.5" 35" 35" 35" 33.5" Body Fat 24.5% 22% 21.5% 20% 16.5% 16.5%
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