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Great Info About The South Beach Diet

8/17 10:44:37
Formulated by Florida-area heart specialist Arthur Agatston, the South Beach diet, stresses the intake of beneficial carbs and beneficial fats. He produced this diet for his heart patients supported upon his work of scientific dieting inquiry.

The South Beach diet is oftentimes falsely likened to the Atkins diet , which is mostly a low-carbohydrate diet.

Dr. Agatston thinks that extra ingestion of supposed harmful carbohydrates makes an insulin resistance syndrome which is an symptom of reduced quality of the hormone insulin's ability to decently act on body fat or sugar. Also he believes, with most doctors, that overindulgence of bad fats adds to an gain in cardiovascular disease.

To make impossible these two conditions, The doctor's diet downplays consumption of bad fats and bad carbs and promotes increased consumption of good fats and good carbs.

The South Beach diet has three stages. In all stages of the diet, Dr. Agatston urges minimizing consumption of bad fats. In Phase I, enduring two weeks, people try to eradicate insulin resistance by staying clear from moderately high or high-glycemic carbs, such as candy, sugar, bread, fruit, potatoes, grains and cereals. Throughout Phase I, Dr. Agatston states the body will lose its insulin resistance, and start to utilize excess body fat, getting the dieter to lose between 10 and 15 pounds.

In two weeks, Phase II starts. Fruits and whole grain foods are step by step brought back to the diet, while in smaller amounts than were probably eaten prior to beginning the diet, and with a extended accent on foods with a low glycemic index. Whenever the dieter achieves the sought after weight Phase III starts. In Phase III the diet extends to add three portions of whole grains and three portions of fruit a day.

The diet differentiates between good and bad carbohydrates, good and bad fats.

Beneficial carbs are rich in fiber or rich in good fats, and get a low glycemic index, that is, they are digested and ingested easy. Some other desirable carbohydrates are those with more nutritional measure than the options. For example, brown rice is permitted in moderation, but white rice is deterred. When consuming any carbohydrates, the Dr. urges also eating fiber or fat to retard digestion of the carbohydrates.

Good fats are polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, particularly those with omega-3 fatty acids. Trans fats and saturated fats are bad fats.

South Beach diet stresses:
1. a change in the way you eat
2. eat many different foods
3. simplicity and adaptability.

Consuming whole grains and big quantities of vegetables is promoted, along with sufficient amounts of mono- and polyunsaturated fats, with omega-3 fatty acids, such as are held in fish. It deters the eating of excessively processed foods like high fat meats, and saturated fats.

The diet does not call for counting calories or restricting portions. Dr. Agatston advises you eat until you are gratified. Dieters are assured to eat 6 meals a day - breakfast, lunch, and dinner - and snacks between meals.
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