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The Easiest Weight Loss Program Ever

8/17 10:43:32
Too many people regard weight loss as something that's hard to do. Something that takes discipline. Something that involves losing out. On saying "no" to your favorite foods. No more doughnuts. No more beer. No more hot dogs.

Apart from the peer pressure put on us by others forcing us to look like Jennifer Aniston or Paris Hilton why would anyone actually *want* to put themselves through all that pain and torture?

I mean, they'd have to be mad wouldn't they?

Or would they?

You see, the way I see it, weight loss isn't hard. It really isn't. Nor is it unpleasant.

At least not if you understand this important paradign shift.

Stop lusting after the foods and drinks that you can't have - stop looking as what you're losing, and instead start looking at what you're gaining.

If you think about it long and hard enough you'll realise that what you're gaining from losing weight *far* outweighs a few doughnuts.

Let's consider just a few together right now...

You'll have more energy. You'll get less aches and pains as your body will be under less strain. You'll be less likely to pull muscles as you'll be stronger. You'll be more able to keep up with the kids, or with a busy social and/or work life.

You'll feel so much better about yourself, and your confidence will skyrocket. Suddenly you feel back in control of your life again. People notice the difference. They compliment you on your figure. Members of the opposite sex start taking a far greater interest.

You feel able to push yourself further, to achieve more. Shopping for clothes becomes a pleasure. Suddenly you want to *show off* your figure not hide it away under baggy clothes.

Life is just so much more enjoyable, fulfilling and rewarding.

Isn't that worth swapping that piece of pie for?!

So how do you lose weight? Easy - take is less calories than you use up and your body will be forced to burn up fat to keep you going.

There's no mystery to it - no magic.

Now there *are* a few tricks - such as the way having extra muscle takes extra calories to support, so as you build muscle you'll automatically find you lose wight easier but the important point is this - losing weight isn't hard - it just takes some grit and determination.

Recently researching the phrases people search for online I was surprised to find that everyone seems to be looking for a "quick fix".

They're searching for terms like "weight loss without exercise" and "easy weight loss" and "how to lose weight in a week".

You *can* lose weight without exercise, it can be easy (if you're disciplined) and you can lose weight in a week.

But that's not the point.

Stop looking for an easy fix.

Decent nutrition, moderate exercise and taking in less calories than you use.

The indeniable truth about weight loss.

What I am suggesting, for the easiest, most enjoyable, "hassle-free" weight loss program is this…

Change your lifestyle.

Don't look at cutting out cookies and chocoloate as requiring discipline - of somehow "missing out".

Look at what you gain in exchange.

Change your whole lifestyle and it will be much easier.

So experiment. Find wholesome foods you enjoy eating. Try out different sports and exercises to find which ones you really enjoy.

Because if you really enjoy them, you'll have fun as the top of the agenda - and while you're having fun, you'll also be getting fit and losing weight.

And I'm sure you can find one or two activities you could enjoy.

How about:

Martial arts, kayaking, surfing, running, cycling (offroad mountain biking is fab!), climbing, swimming, football, soccer, badminton, tennis, racketball, volleyball, cricket, skateboarding, rollerblading, hurdles, yoga, javelin, long jump and on, and on, and on.

Try some out.

Go to your local gym or sports center and try out a new sport each week with a good friend of yours and you might get a nice surprise.

Find just one or two you think you could really "get your teeth into" and do on a regular basis, then change your lifestyle.

Sports you enjoy and tasty wholesome foods.

You'll be thin before you know it :-)

Copyright 2006 Richard Adams
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